Where to learn about training for cardiac imaging

For many people the best place to learn about cardiac imaging is in your local hospital. Speak to the people in your local radiology and cardiology departments and find out what is happening and what you can get involved in.

I always recommend the “made easy” books for anyone getting started in cardiac imaging. I have owned (and lost) several copies of MRI made easy and Echocardiography made easy. They are quick reads, simple to follow and cover all the basics. Buy them second hand on amazon and swap them with your colleagues.

For more in-depth reading I recommendation

⁃ Oxford handbook of cardiac CT (a new version of this will be coming out soon)

⁃ Cardiovascular MR manual, Sven Plein et al

⁃ Handbook of nuclear cardiology cardiac SPECT and cardiac PET, Gary V Heller; Robert Hendel

The internet is a fantastic source of information, lectures and now even example cases. This is a list of some of the resources I have used, but there are many (many) more.

Imaging societies







Also check out the level 1 courses run for trainees. I help with the BSCI/BSCCT one so am biased – it is a great introduction and very in expensive. Look out for the next one here . For radiology trainees aldo check out RiTI and the RCR website.

And at the BCVI meeting in Edinburgh in May 2018 there will be dedicated trainee streams – so excited about the meeting in May!